regarding consent

Be communicative and consensual, listening to and respecting the needs, priorities and limits of both yourself and those you play with. Be aware that limits and boundaries are ever-evolving and may change as you play and may require renegotiation. Come prepared to communicate your needs, priorities and limits to your playmates, at the outset and as they become clear to you.

This is a play party for responsible adults. I am asking that all guests respect their own boundaries and those of the people they play with. You may want to actually think about what some of these needs, priorities and limits may be before the night of the party. Communication is so important here. Use words and body language that express your needs, wants and desires. If you don’t speak your mind, the people you play with won’t know what works for you and what doesn’t.

It’s important for everyone that we are all honest and clear during our play.  If, even in the middle of play, you feel something is not right, stop.  Communicate with the people around you, take some time in the chill out space, engage in some form of self-care.  When you are ready you can always come back to whatever tasty scene you have paused!

Event safe words are GREEN (OKAY), YELLOW (SLOW DOWN) and RED (STOP). Party Monitors (PMs) are there to help ensure safe words are honoured and will step in and stop a scene if the word “RED/STOP” is used

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