Our guest list is confidential!

Its based on a referral/word of mouth system creating a community of communities of people from a diversity of genders, cultural backgrounds, classes and sexual orientations who are interested in exploring sex, sexuality, love, and creating loving authentic relationships.

Be aware- we may also have invited your ex, a member of your family, your student/professor, your client/therapist or your boss/employee/colleague. Be prepared to graciously acknowledge folks you hadn’t expected to see naked and at a play party exploring sex and sexuality.  Similarly, please don’t share the location of the party, names or identifying descriptions of guests afterwards with anyone who wasn’t at the party.

You are committing to respect the privacy of all guests by not disclosing their identity or talking about their activities at the party to anyone who did not attend the event.

You may talk about your feelings, thoughts and activities, but do not mention others.
Maintain the Privacy of All Guests

No cameras or recording devices, including cell phone cameras are permitted. If you must carry a cell phone and your only phone has a camera attached, please be prepared to turn it off and leave it in your bag at all times; you may exit the party to use it. You may also ask a Party Monitor for a phone to use.

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