party waiver for GC events

Registration Terms & Conditions

  • I have received and reviewed the Party Rules & Waiver

  • I have a basic understanding of the subject matter and nature of the practices of alternative sexuality involving group sex/scenes, role-play, power exchange and other BDSM and non-BDSM sexual activities between willing and consenting adults. I do not find any of these subjects or activities to be offensive or objectionable to me in any manner whatsoever.

  • I am aware that, in some circumstances, participation in sexual scenes may result in physical injury and I accept that.

  • I am at least 18 years of age.

  • I must be pre-registered for the event and present valid, government-issued photo identification proving age of majority at the door (e.g. passport, driver’s license) in order to gain admission.

  • I understand and accept that tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable and that there will be no refunds granted for failure to produce proper identification.

  • Should the event be cancelled pre-registered participants will receive a full refund minus a small administration fee.

In return for admission to the event

  • I agree that I will abide by the Party Rules & Waiver as detailed herein.

  • I agree that failure to abide by these rules may result in my expulsion from the event, without refund or any other compensation.

  • I waive any claims to which I may be entitled due to injury or damage that may be sustained at the event.

  • I release Ghandarva Creations, the owners of the event premises and any other person assisting with or participating in this event from any claims for damages; loss of personal effects or injury (medical or otherwise) suffered by me as a result of my participation in this event.

  • I waive my right to take any and all legal action against Ghandarva Creations, the owners of the event premises or their agents, officers, volunteers and any and all other assigns, in all matters civil and criminal.

  • I swear and affirm that I am not a member of a police or special investigative unit attending the event for the purposes of undercover observation or other covert operation.

  • I swear and affirm that I am not a private investigator gathering information for a client.

  • I swear and affirm that I am not a member of a new gathering organization or a freelance journalist, blogger or other information disseminator gathering information to share in anyway shape or form for profit or no.

  • I understand that giving false answers to the above three questions means I do not have permission to attend this private event and maybe charged with trespassing.

  • I swear and affirm that I have and will represent myself honestly in my answers above.

  • I agree that by paying for my tickets in full that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by the rules and waivers stated herein.

Ghandarva Creations reserves the right to change event rules at any time, without notice.

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