Cumming with your lover(s), partner(s) and/or other friends to one of our events?

Please consider talking about your individual and/or group needs, wants and desires for the night. How will you deal with each other if and/or when jealousy or envy comes up? What strategies will you employ if one of you feels lonely and does not feel connected to other folks? How will you care about each other? Keep in mind there will be party monitors you can approach if you need to connect with someone. That’s why they are there. Check-in with them, share a hug with them!


Be respectful of yourself and others. If you develop an interest in playing with some luscious lovely, be straightforward about your desire(s) with them! Remember, however, that politeness pays, be you the asker or the askee. If you’re interested, say so, but be prepared for a polite “No, thank you.” If you are not interested, by all means say no, but be gracious in the process remember, it can be hard for people to be so clear about their wants and needs! Such bravery should be respected! Let the folks you play with and the people around you know your needs and limits as you figure them out, and look out for the well-being of each other.

Being Sexual

Be sexual at your own pace and do what is sexy/erotic for YOU! We know these types of parties can be nerve wracking at times, and we really want this to be a rocking good play party where all who attend are prepared to take a few risks in order to explore and get what they need, want and desire. Explore at your own pace!

Our events are about partying, sex, creativity and play, where we create a safe community to explore sex and sexuality. To assist us in getting into the mood for this, be aware that this is a play party, sex party, orgy (call it what you want). You don’t have to arrive in your hot, sexy, elegant party outfits (unless you want to); you can bring a change of clothes for when you arrive, unless you are planning to go in the buff. You won’t have to be naked (though it can be liberating!), but I hope the process of changing into clothes that fit your interpretations of a Queer, Pansexual Carnival for Kinky Fairies outfit(s) will symbolically prepare you for the fun pleasures that await you. It will also make those who have taken risks in exposing their delightfully bare nibbly bits to your eager eyes a bit more comfortable if you return the favour. We all need to take some risks if we are to create a fun and safe play space for all.

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