play/sex party etiquette

  • What you hear, see and experience at a Ghandarva Creations event must stay with you. Please respect everyone’s privacy and remember these events are confidential

  • You are not required to have any type of sex/sexual contact if you do not want to. Voyeurism is a wonderful thing and no one can be an exhibitionist without them

  • No means no! Anyone found harassing another participants or making unwelcome advances will be expel without refund or any other compensation

  • If you feel harassed please inform the nearest available Party Monitor as soon as possible. They are there to assist you

  • No Interruptions, please! When observing play-in-progress, do not attempt to disturb, interrupt or barge-into any sensual/ sexual play unless you have expressly asked permission and/or have been expressly invited to join in

  • If you wish to decline an invitation to play please do so with regard to the other person’s feelings and be respectful

  • If you are told no, please respect that

  • Respect the venue and other participants. Disrespecting fellow players or our host venue will result in being expelled without refund or any other compensation

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