party rules for GC events

Party Rules & Waiver

Please read these rules over carefully as they exist to ensure the safety, security and well-being of all our event participants and help ensure the best possible time for everyone.

These rules apply to all participants and Ghandarva Creations reserves the right to expel anyone not abiding by them without refund or any other compensation.

  • GC events are private events. It is not open to the public without invitation and only participants who pre-registered in advance will be allowed entry. Even those paying at the door must be pre-registered. There will be NO exceptions.

  • You are not to post information about this event on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Fetlife, or any other such social networking sites.

  • As a participant you are expected to keep party details confidential. This included venue, location and the identities of other party goers.

  • No cameras or recording devices are permitted. This includes digital cameras, cell phones, MP3 players and any other device capable or recording sounds or images. Please turn off all devises and store them with your street clothes. If you are found taking pictures or recording sounds you will be expelled immediately.

  • Street clothes are not permitted. Costumes are not required but we do encourage them!

  • There are no in/out privileges. There are no exceptions.

  • Ghandarva Creations nor our venue are responsible for any lost items. Please remember where you put your clothes and costume bits.

Concerning Etiquette

  • You are not required to have any type of sex/sexual contact if you do not want to. Voyeurism is a wonderful thing and no one can be an exhibitionist without them.

  • Anyone found harassing another participants or making unwelcome advances will be expel without refund or any other compensation.

  • If you feel harassed it is your responsibility to inform the nearest available Party Monitor as soon as possible. They are there to assist you.

  • What you hear, see, taste and experience at a Ghandarva Creations event must stay with you. Please respect everyone’s privacy and remember these events are confidential.

  • Respect the venue and other participants. Disrespecting fellow players or our host venue will result in being expelled without refund or any other compensation.

  • When observing play-in-progress, do not interrupt or freely join in unless you have expressly asked permission and/or have been expressly invited to join in.

  • If you wish to decline an invitation to play please do so with regard to the other person’s feelings and be respectful.

  • If you are told no, please respect that.

Concerning Party Monitors (PMs)

  • Party Monitors (PMs) are there to help all participants enjoy the party safely and respectfully.

  • PMs are tasked with enforcing the Rules at Ghandarva Creations events.

  • Event safe words are GREEN, YELLOW and RED. These correspond to OKAY, SLOW DOWN and STOP. PMs are there to help ensure safe words are honoured and will step in and stop a scene if the word “RED” is being used.

  • Participants who are gagged must prearrange visual signals that correspond to those above and inform one of the PMs on duty.

  • If you are unsure, unclear about some rules, ettiquet or are just curious about a scene feel free to approach one of the PMs—they are there to help everyone learn, enjoy and stay safe.

  • Graciously heed the suggestion a PM may give you.

Concerning Playing

  • If you suffer from health issues (asthma, epilepsy, latex allergies, etc…) you must inform a PM if this will affect your scene.

  • If you wish to conduct a scene that might affect others (i.e. loud scenes, role-playing non-consensual acts; dousing others) you must inform a PM prior to commencing.

  • This is a safe sex event. Condoms must be used on all cocks, strap-ons, dildos and other sex toys for vaginal and anal penetration. Ignoring this rule will result in violators being expelled without refund or any other compensation.

  • Latex gloves, condoms and lube will be provided. (If you have specific needs or preferences, please feel free to bring your own supplies.)

  • No blood, vomit or scat (fecal) play is allowed under any circumstances. Violators of this rule will be expelled immediately without refund or any other compensation.

  • Ghandarva Creations, the owners of the event location, volunteer crew, party monitors nor Ghandarva staff are responsible for ensuring participants properly use the safe sex supplied provided. If participants are found being unsafe they will be expelled immediately without refund or any other compensation. However it is up to each individual participant to safeguard their own body and person while playing.

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